Whatever you need a quick injection of cash for we can help!

Everybody knows what it's like to slip up every now and then, but what if you don't have the luxury of a credit card or family and friends? For those with a less than stellar credit rating or previous defaults payday loans can be a godsend.

These small convenient loans are applied for from the comfort of your home or desk, meaning no long queues and no waiting around to be seen. Customers simply log on, decide on the loan amount that they require and the repayment date, then are free to sit back while the loan is deposited straight to their bank account. Normally within the hour and on the same day.

The idea of taking out a loan is scary to most, due to the long repayment plan and recurring interest. This commitment that you will be tied to, repaying the cost every week over the course of months, is not how payday loans work. These are short term loans repayable in one simple instalment on your next payday or within 30 days. Which one is up to you!

Need my phone for work!

I have a knack for running up ridiculous phone bills. Needless to say I needed a little extra help one month.

- Betty N.

Bills, bills, bills...

My utility bills arrive sporadically through the month, this particular occasion I had nothing left in my account. Thanks for saving me!

- Jack U.

Poor Credit History OK

Because we are not concerned about your credit score when you apply for a instant loan through us. Those with poor credit ratings will often be surprised that they have no problem obtaining a cash advance.

This is because the important aspect of your loans application is your ability to repay the loan amount as specified.

We believe that if a person is working and can repay the loan as agreed then they should be eligible for a payday advance. This might be considered risky by other lenders such as banks or larger financial institutions but is the model by which payday loans have been designed around.

Simple Requirements

There are only a few simple requirements that need to met in order to qualify for an online loan.

To be funded with a same day loan you must: Be over 18 years of age, be a resident in Australia, be in full-time employment and have an Australian bank account. It really is as easy as that. No funny questions, no need for you to fax in proof of employment and no hassle of visiting a business premises

No matter the emergency we have made our service as straight-forward and easy to deal with as humanly possible. We think you will agree that to get a helping hand before your next payday arrives via payday loans is as simple as a 60-second application form.